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Amp Research Power Step Running BoardsAMP Research


The Ultimate running board for you truck or suv

Looking for an easier way for friends and family to enter your high-riding truck?

Try this. Simply open any of the cab doors and watch the AMP Research Power Step magically appear, presenting the perfect step height for easy entry and exit. Close the truck doors, and this full-length running board automatically retracts safely under the truck, out of sight.

Installs Quickly

The AMP Research Power Step installs quickly, typically within two hours. Each package includes left and right side assembly information, an OEM quality wiring harness, electronic control module, corrosion resistant mounting hardware and an illustrated installation guide.

Stays Clean

Because this running board tucks up under the truck when driving, stepping surfaces are kept free of mud, snow, and road grime. In snow country, you won't have to shovel snow off the step surface just to open the doors.

Saves Gas

Reducing weight and improving aerodynamics can help improve gas mileage. A pair of Amp Research Power Steps are up to one-third lighter than standard running boards. Wind tunnel tests with pickups equipped with Amp's boards have shown improved air flow under the truck with less drag and turbulence.

Retains Ground Clearance

With the Amp Research Power Step your truck can keep its clean-line appearance with no loss in ground clearance.


Amp Research Power Step for Dodge Trucks                Amp Research Power Step for Ford Trucks

Dodge                                       Ford


  Amp Research Power Step for Chevy/Gm Trucks and Suv's




Amp Research Power Step for Nissan Trucks and Suv's                  Amp Research Power Step for Hummer's

Nissan                                  Hummer



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