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Mag-Hytec Transmission Pans and Differential Covers

Mag-Hytec's heavy duty differential covers and transmission pans provide increased lubricant and cooling capacity for hard working recreational and service vehicles. Mag-Hytec covers and pans set your vehicle apart in both aesthetics and function - cast in A356-T6 aluminum and texture powder coated black with machined cooling fins.  Magnetic drain plugs trap worn gear material promoting fluid integrity.  Each unit is fitted with ARP 568  O-rings for superior sealing.  All hardware is 303 stainless steel, in most applications no gasket or sealant is required, and all Mag-Hytec parts are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.  Depend on Mag-Hytec when you're pulling a heavy load.

 Mag-Hytec Transmission Pans and Differential Covers

Transmission Pans        Differential Covers


Why Upgrade to Mag-Hytec


Average of double the fluid capacity and Ease of Service.

The dipstick is knurled for quick removal, the flat is marked low/high to check lube level and a magnet, which acts as an open filter is in the lower end. 

 The MS 7/8 - 14 THD port is large enough to use for filling. The magnet-filled drain plug is the same MS port as the dipstick.  Both the dipstick and drain are O-ring sealed.

The sending unit fitting is 1/8 pipe THD and shipped with a stainless pipe plug.

The calibration plug is centered on the serial number plate and approximates the stock cover fill plug for factory fluid level.

The O-ring is snapped into the inverted "V" groove for a positive seal without gasket or silicone.

Plugs, cap screws and washers are stainless steel in most applications.

Mag-Hytec manufactures the best differential covers and transmission pans available today.