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Dodge Cummins 5.9L 

Pacbrake Prxb Exhaust kits for Dodge Turbo Diesel         Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel


Why is the PRXB™ different from other exhaust brakes?

Pacbrake's PRXB™ offers the best holdback power at lower RPM's GUARANTEED!

The patented PRXB is STRONGER; 50% more efficient at lower RPM's than any standard exhaust brake on the market. This allows the driver to use their exhaust brake in the RPM range where they typically drive most.
Pacbrake's exclusive Arcor Nitride coating helps prevent corrosion, maintain lubricity and minimize brake maintenance making it TOUGHER than the competitors.
The PRXB is SAFER because it is specifically designed within the engine's capabilities, and equipped with a backpressure limiter which regulates the exhaust backpressure to protect against engine overpressure.
The patented 90º non-contacting butterfly valve is MORE RELIABLE as it is engineered to eliminate sticking.
Manufactured under a certified quality system, the Pacbrake ensures peace of mind and a safer ride.

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