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S&B Filter Cleaning Kits

S&B Filter Cleaning Kits

S&B's Precision Cleaning & Oiling Kit allows vehicle owners to properly maintain their high performance air filters by precisely applying the correct amount of oil. The clearly marked bottle and easy-to-use applicator allow the user to measure and apply the proper amount of oil for each application. S&B has conducted extensive testing with the Precision Cleaning Kit to ensure that it can be used on most high performance filters available today.


3 Easy Steps to Bringing Your Air Filter Back to Life:

1) Remove and clean:

Clean sealing area of filter and filter housing with a clean soft rag. Share or lightly tap the filter on a hard surface to remove and loosen large particles and debris. A soft brush may be used to loosen large particles of debris or bugs. Make note of which side the filter has trapped the dirt. Use S&B´s Filter Cleaner to clean the filter.

2) Fill Applicator Bottle: 

Rotate the Squeeze Bottle of Oil with the cap facing downward. Make note of your starting point on the measurement guage to make sure that the proper amount of oil is dispensed. When reoiling a filter, it is critical to place the oil on the side where the dirt will accumulate. Using the applicator bottle, place a drop of oil on the peak of each pleat where it meets urethane (rubber).

3) Allow Oil to Bleed:

After allowing the oil to bleed for 20-30 minutes, inspect the fitler for any white areas wher ethe oil did not cover. With the remaining oil in the Applicator apply a small amount of oil to those white areas. Applying the correct amount of oil (+5 grams) is critical to proper performance of the filter. DO NOT over oil your filter.



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