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S&B Intake Elbows for Ford, Dodge, & Chevy Diesels

S&B Filters Intake Elbows

 The smooth design of the S&B Intake Elbow significantly improves the airflow after the intercooler. The benefits don't stop there. S&B chose to manufacture our Intake Elbows out of cast aluminum because you need a part that delivers extreme performance without the risk of it bursting in the field. While we too liked the idea of using a composite material to make our elbows, trust us, it’s not worth the risk.

Still want more out of your diesel, S&B's Intake Elbows include 1/8" NPT threaded ports for simple gauge and other power adder installations!

If it leaks, you lose power. Whenever possible, S&B utilizes an o-ring to seal the elbow and provided worry free operation for the long haul


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