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S&B Replacement Filters for Diesel Intake Kits

S&B Replacement Filters for Diesel Intake Kits

 S&B replacement air filters are 100% cotton gauze (no synthetic media), so they are easy to clean and perform well even after multiple cleanings. S&B's competitors often use a synthetic material along with cotton in an attempt to stop the dirt. Often times, this results in the dirt becoming embedded in the synthetic material making it very difficult to clean. This results in poor airflow. On the other hand, a properly cleaned, 8-layer S&B Filter can actually perform better after the first cleaning both in airflow and efficiency.


***  When selecting your Replacement Filter  ***

Be sure to choose the proper filter media type from the drop down menu on that page. Orders for Dry Media filters will be reduced $10.00 when we finish processing the order on our end! Dry media replacement filters are $45.00


Certified Tested ISO 5011

S&B spent over 1/2 a million dollars on its Climate Controlled ISO 5011 Test Lab to insure that they produce filters that maximize airflow while still protecting your engine from contaminants (dirt).

  The performance characteristics of greatest interest are airflow restriction (differential pressure), dust collection efficiency and dust capacity. The ISO 5011 Standard is what S&B Filters adheres to as we seek innovations and improvements in our product line, and to test our products so they meet the highest standard possible. We feel this is the standard that all performance filter manufacturers should be using to develop their products.

The end result is simple: increased horsepower by reducing the restriction of the air filter and/or intake kit while still protecting the engine. Trust your performance needs to the only performance filter manufacturer who tests to these standards and post results - trust S&B.

For more information about S&B ISO 5011 filter testing:


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