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Sea Sucker Vacuum Mount Bike Racks

Why SeaSucker?

With traditional bike racks, you've got to find the right rack to fit the exact place where you want to attach it. Plus they are cumbersome, difficult to install and just plain ugly. With SeaSucker racks, all you really need to do is find some clear space on your car and pump it on. Most SeaSucker racks can be used in multiple spots, whether it's on your trunk, your rooftop, or even the glass on your SUV or hatchback. There are no hooks to ruin your paint job, no expensive special adapters to make the rack fit your year and model car, and no complicated instructions for installation. To top it all off, they look great! Say goodbye to ugly, bulky racks, and say hello to sleek and compact SeaSucker racks.

Simplicity ......

Garages across the country are littered with racks that don't fit right or are just to complicated to put on. SeaSucker racks attach to almost any car in seconds without the need for factory-installed cargo bars or straps. Just wet the cups and pump them up. Our single bike racks are so compact you can throw them in your luggage for your next bike vacation. All of the racks can easily stow away inside your trunk when not in use.

All you have to do 

Attach the rack to a clean surface on your car by pumping the SeaSucker vacuum cups until the orange power indicators on the built-in finger pumps are no longer visible. You should inspect the SeaSuckers when entering and exiting your vehicle, looking for the orange powerindicator. If you see orange, re-pump that SeaSucker back to full power before heading back out onto the road. If a SeaSucker doesn't hold vacuum for at least 4 hours, you may nned to clean it, repair it, or replace it.

Better Technology, Better Racks 

SeaSucker bike racks attach with the power of vacuum. The built-in finger pump allows you to pull a vacuum with a maximum strength of over 200 lbs! That's a lot of holding power, but when you put multiple SeaSuckers together on one rack, the holding strength goes off the chart. All you need to make it work is a smooth clean surface, like the metal or glass on your car. Plus they're safe for your car's paint and they're built to withstand the elements (they were originally made for the saltwater environment so you know they have to be tough).

Safety First!

SeaSuckers incorporate an essential safety feature that lets you drive with complete confidence. If a SeaSucker begins to lose vacuum pressure, the pump slowly extends and exposes an orange line, providing a visual indicator of vacuum strength. Because the pump is built right into the SeaSucker, all you have to do is pump it a couple of times to maintain full power. Strength wise, all models are overbuilt with multiple vacuum mounts. Plus, almost all models are made with easy-access holes and slots for attaching straps and bungee cords.


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