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If you need a gauge package for your truck, stop looking! You won’t find a better place than Kens Performance solutions. Ken listened to what I was looking for, then assembled a complete package, including detailed installation instructions specific to my truck. It was at my door within 72 hours and priced better than anywhere else I had looked. Great customer service, products, and pricing. What more could you ask for? Thanks Ken. 

Doug Klugman

Thank you for all that you do. Every time I look online I always
remember the great service that I have received from you. Whether it is the great shipping price, not only the price but the speed (free shipping usually means 2 weeks), vast knowledge base, or the quality of products sold, I don't think anybody could be dissatisfied. As always, I enjoy showing my diesel friends (even some other friends too) your site and bragging about your services. Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to ordering more from you soon.

Andy Palmer

Kenny, I’d like to express my appreciation for your service. You go out of your way to provide excellent service by communicating effectively i.e. providing multiple phone numbers, replying to voice mail and email promptly, and following up on questions. You price your products very competitively, and your shipping is as fast as can be. The one time I had an issue with a product (manufacturer’s defect, not your problem) you jumped in the middle of it and helped me get a much better resolution than I could have got on my own. Thank you for providing service not often found in business any more!!!

JD Grafton

Hey Ken,
Just letting you know I have installed the gauges and everything went "perfect". Your instructions sure saved a lot of time and were right on the money. The world would be a much better place with more people like you, thanks again .

Larry Dana

It has been a pleasure doing business with Kenny.  The prices I was quoted didn't change.  If I was told a part shipped on a specific day, it did, and it arrived when he said it would.  Kenny is very easy to contact and keeps you informed of your orders status.  I will continue to use his business for parts and upgrades for my truck.

Craig M.

Got my Isspro's from Ken's Performance as well. Great price and service. The hook-up was simple and instructions fantastic. I am saving for another set for the other truck.

Dennis Gray

I installed my new Isspro guages yesterday that I got from Ken's Performance Solutions. Boost, Pyro, Tranny, on the A-pillar. I was amazed at how simple it was. The instructions that Ken sent with them were perfect and really detailed. If you are thinking about getting new gauges then you really need to give him a call. The gauges were great and his service is awesome!!!

Richard Moore

I just wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Your professionalism and guidance with my guages was oustanding. It is nice to know that there are still people out there that truly care about customer service.  I will definitely use your services again in the future, as well as recommend you to anyone that is in the market for products for their vehicle. Again thanks for everything.

Chris Stamper

Ken ... You Rock !!!!
I can't believe that I placed an order for my Fass on Friday after 5:00 and it was at my house on Monday. I can't believe that you were able to make it all happen that fast. The Fass is Exactly as you described and it went in perfectly. I couldn't be happier. The product is Awesome!!
I can't recommend Ken's Performance Solutions enough. His products and service are top notch. I'll Definitely be ordering from Ken again !!

Donnie Smith

To the Customers of Ken’s Performance Solutions,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Kenny for his recent help with my Magnaflow exhaust system.  Over a year ago I purchased a 4” SS system from him having an advertised “Lifetime Guarantee” for my 2001 Dodge Ram. During my comparison shopping, Kenny assured me that the folks at Magnaflow stand behind their products and even introduced me to the company’s sales rep to discuss first hand. They convinced me that this was one of the best values in Diesel exhaust on the market at the time. After some debate over a competitive system, I purchased the Magnaflow from Ken’s Performance Solutions.
Well, a couple of months ago I noticed a change in the sound of my exhaust and knew something had gone wrong.  After I got home a quick inspection revealed an irregular shaped hole where the front hanger used to be welded to the pipe. No evidence of fatigue nor even extruded edges around the hole. Interesting failure, but bottom line it definitely was the result of a material defect. I took the photos and sent them to Kenny with my story. He immediately got back with me to discuss the situation.
I was almost a bit surprised at the response! I was expecting the usual balk that we all get when it comes time for a manufacturer to actually live up to their warranty. Kenny took my problem to the Magnaflow people and was able to get a positive response within about a week. My new system arrived as promised in a timely manner. They even sent a return shipping voucher so that I didn’t have to pay return freight on the failed system. Needless to say, I am very happy with both Magnaflow and Kenny for their willingness to take care of their customers. I would highly recommend anyone shopping diesel exhaust systems to check out Magnaflow’s product line and buy through Ken’s Performance Solutions with confidence that BOTH will stand behind their merchandise. 

M. Bowen

I received the filters. Thanks for the quick delivery. I also appreciate
keeping in constant touch with me regarding the order. Your business ethic is awesome and I wish more businesses held up the standards that you have!

Michael Baca

I wanted to write in today and say thank you for the excellent customer service on my recent order.  I don't prefer to order from private companies that I haven't used before, let alone a company across the country.  When I was placing my order online at your website I called in to verify a price and ask a few questions.  I was blown away when I actually got connected to you direct on your cell phone.  You really went the extra mile working with me to get free shipping on my order.  Your prices are extremely competitive and the personal attention I received was top notch!  You filled my order and got it shipped from California all the way to Ohio cheaper than I could have bought it at my local discount parts supplier.  To my surprise, I received a letter in the mail yesterday with a copy of my sales receipt and your business card.  It's rare to find an owner of a company that goes the extra mile like that to help out and thank his customers.  I would definitely recommend Ken's Performance Solutions to anyone who values fair prices and honest, quality customer service.  Once again, thanks for all of your time and assistance.

Chad in Ohio

"Good Service is remembered long after the price is forgotten!"