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S&B Intake Elbows > 1998-2007 Dodge Cummins Heater Block Delete
1998-2007 Dodge Cummins Heater Block Delete

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Prod. Code: 76-1005

CNC Heater Block, 100% Machine Cut  

The Cummins diesel does not use glow plugs to help start it. The 5.9L Cummins is equipped with a heater grid, located directly between the air horn and the intake manifold. The heater grid heats incoming air on start up to ensure quick starting, especially in colder weather. The heater grid is a restrictive unit and performance gains can be made by removing it. This heater grid delete kit replaces the factory heater grid with a high free flowing riser block. This makes the transition of air flow from the air horn to the manifold smooth and un-restricted, resulting in increased air flow and performance gains.

This part is not recommended in colder climates as you could have difficulty in starting your truck or causing the check engine light to come on.


Fits 1998-2007 Dodge 5.9L 2500 & 3500 vehicles

This part is intended to be used in conjunction with S&B Intake Elbows Part #'s  76-1004 or 76-1007

*elbow shown in photos sold separately*


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